Well-funded and growing mobile crowdfunding startup regains control over its data pipeline and saved thousands of development dollars


Tilt offers a convenient way for groups and communities to collect, fundraise, or pool money securely and effectively online.


Telligent Data empowers companies to quickly deploy, maintain, and scale a fully-featured data pipeline onto the cloud provider of their choice.

At A Glance

  • 15% of Tilt's data was being dropped – over 2,000,000 events per month – due to issues with existing enterprise solution.

  • They had no monitoring of their data and schemas were overly strict, making it difficult for product managers to make business decisions and engineers to implement new feature logging.

  • Tilt chose Telligent Data because of their schema-agnostic approach and near real-time processing capabilities. Telligent Data quickly resolved the data loss issue and implemented its pipeline product (TDP) at minimal cost, by offering the latest data technologies and a full monitoring suite.

  • Tilt now enjoys an end-to-end processing speed increase of 8,000% over its previous system. TDP offers custom data logging, accommodating any schema – resulting in better adoption from developers with no scaling limitations as the company grows.

  • TDP saves Tilt the ongoing cost of one half of a full-time employee plus the high cost of initial setup, estimated at 4-6 months and a recurring overhead cost of $100,000 per year and setup cost of $150,000.

The Challenge

As a fast-growing company that helps groups of all types launch their dream projects online, Tilt collects and manages huge amounts of data. This data is the source for analysis that helps them determine ways to improve services as its customer base continues to grow.

“We finally figured out that every day 15% of our data was being dropped”

Unfortunately, as more and more projects came online, Tilt personnel realized that something was wrong with their existing event analytics platform, which was used to feed data into Amazon Redshift and Interana (a behavioral analytics solution). According to Jackson Wang, Tilt’s Head of Analytics, "We finally figured out that every day 15% of our data was being dropped before making it to Redshift! For a data-driven business like ours, it became difficult to make informed product decisions.”

Other issues were also apparent. “Our previous logging functionality was inadequate and inflexible – we were having trouble getting our analytics systems up and running at scale with our existing resources,” continued Wang. “The schemas were overly strict, which compromised adoption from our engineers and greatly increased the time required to add tracking.”


Determined to find a solution that would address its business’ data needs across all platforms and events, while implementing with speed, the Analytics team conducted an audit of data pipeline solutions available in the market. Wang and his colleagues knew that they had to take immediate action to prevent further data drops. However, the company didn’t possess an in-house team with the skills to build a more reliable data pipeline. Key criteria included: scalability, extensibility, reliability, timeliness, ease of implementation, and cost efficiency. Telligent Data met all these criteria.

Tilt contacted Telligent Data and in under two weeks, Telligent Data was able to quickly analyze and resolve Tilt’s data loss issues by customizing its out-of-the-box solution to fit Tilt’s specific requirements. After implementation and testing, Telligent Data allowed for clearer and more flexible data logging, which made it very useful for Tilt’s data analysts and product managers.

The manner in which Telligent Data pipes data into Redshift and Interana is ideal — it flows quickly, reliably, and in the proper format for instant analysis.

With Telligent Data, Tilt is able to capture app data in any format with zero data loss, fully monitor performance, pair its TDP instance with any existing front-end visualization product they wish (in this case, Interana).

“We wanted to outsource and automate this piece of the data puzzle (and not manage the day-to-day operations of it) so that we can focus on logging data and performing analysis in the most efficient and effective way possible,” said Wang. "The manner in which Telligent Data pipes data into Redshift and Interana is ideal — it flows quickly, reliably, and in the proper format for instant analysis."


  • It took Tilt under a month from identifying their data challenge and selecting a partner to the implementation of Telligent Data’s pipeline solution. This process would have taken 4-6 months to implement internally.

  • Tilt is now able to capture and analyze 100% of its event data.

  • In addition, Tilt is seeing a speed increase of 8,000% with Telligent Data. What used to take several hours to process takes around one minute! This significantly cuts down analysis time and accelerates its iterative development process.

  • A comprehensive monitoring suite and totally flexible and clear data logging have proved highly beneficial to Tilt’s analysts, product managers and engineers.

  • TDP’s ability to accommodate any schema has led to much better developer and product manager adoption without issues in scaling as the company continues to grow.

Regarding the Telligent Data team, Wang says, “They were so positive and great to work with every step of the way. They’re super intelligent, always responsive and highly knowledgeable about everything in the data pipeline world. I have confidence in their ability to deliver results and I look forward to working with them well into the future.”

The Telligent Data Pipeline is designed to adapt to real-time needs and to the latest technologies. We seamlessly capture and process your data, and make analysis a breeze.